Comfortable bed, great breakfast

Our B&B sign went up on Thursday and within a day it had attracted our first guests - a couple of passing ladies from Essen in Germany. But if I ever needed an illustration of the power of the web ... a month ago a friend advised us to put our new bed and breakfast venture on Googlemaps. This I did. Easy even for me. Cost? Nothing, and we have had, as a result, advance bookings from Italy (two) Australia, and another from Germany. Advanced bookings earn you a 10% discount. Clever, eh? Anyway, with that and a few locally referenced guests we're now well and truly up and running; today it's Kirkhill B&B, tomorrow we takeover the Hilton Group.

Needless to say there's considerable tension in the kitchen department. Dee, who has always cooked very satisfting breakfasts for yours truly, has been worrying to death over the minutest detail of her offerings for our guests. So they end up with a repast fit for said Hilton - but much preferred being home cooked one bit at a time!


  1. Darn - forgot to add that Sandy advertises through Google. Wonderful invention!

  2. Good luck with the B and B! Dee has my respect. I love cooking, but never was any good at breakfasts. Eggs are my nemesis. :-\


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