Blow wind, crack your cheeks ...

Yesterday we endured a real gale of wind up here. Most unseasonal: most unfair. Our new B&B sign was tested to its limits before I capitulated and took it down. No problem. Dee had already decided to leave it in 'No Vacancy' mode, our last two guests having left after breakfast and the next party not due until this afternoon.

All day long the wind moaned and cried down our chimney, whipped the sea into great, angry, white crested rollers and set Dee's bird feeders to dancing crazily under the fir tree from which they hang outside the kitchen window. She is feeding the five thousand in the normal way although yesterday our feathered friends preferred shelter to food - except for a couple of fledgeling chaffinches who knew no better, tried manfully to pick up spilled seed from the lawn. All in vain. Gusts of wind picked them up, rolled them literally heads over tails across the grass. Bundles of multi-hued feathers like thistledown on a summer breeze. Funny but not funny. We all have to learn.

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