Can you have too, too much communication? Do you actually need all that web-planted information in order to navigate the waters of modern life? I reckon yes to the first, no to the second. Being of an age group the vast majority of whom manage their affairs very well without a PC, Dee and I are probably the exception in having one PC each plus our own e-m addresses (4 in total) our own web-sites (also 4 in total)and signed up membership of Facebook, Blogger of course, Zazzle, Scribd, LinkedIn, Goodreads and ... well, etc. Know what I mean, 'arry?

So, what is better for you, walking the dog or surfing the web? Having a good meal or reading about it? (For 'walking the dog' or 'having a good meal' read any other human activity dear to your heart, your soul or best of all your body). Well, perhaps in an age when, 'I want it all and I want it now' is a quite respectable credo, the surfing wins. After all, these days if you can't have it at least you can surf it.

I think I'll write a novel containing a story set in our time when all computers world-wide crash, having been subjected to assault by a virus so fundamentally impregnable that it is going to take the best brains on earth including my friend Jim's six and a half years to fix them. But the best bit will be that for a month ahead of the big blackout all e-mails will be deliberately mis-directed (for instance I am emailing my daughter and it's being received by a small boy in the Belgian Congo or by Senator Doolittle's Aunt Mary. I myself am getting strange messages from Posh Spice and a hooker in Jamestown, New Zealand. (All right, so what's new?)Plus everyone's bank codes are being supplied to everyone else, ensuring free transfer of funds in every direction.

But before I put pen to paper (finger tips to keyboard) I'll need to search the web to see if some bastard has pre-empted me. Ah well ...

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  1. Oooh, such vitriol!
    Mr Islip,. I call you (provisionally) a technophobe ;)

    On phobias: The rumour is already about on the web that not only do several Military/Intelligence Services monitor most of our web-bound traffic, but several nations (the U.S, China, Korea and the Ex Soviet Bloc) all have military units dedicated to denial of service (DoS) - and other such CyberSkullDuggery - offensives on nations they don't like!

    The Lithuanians are rumoured to have 'hosted' a team from the former USSR in a large scale attack on several institutions in the West

    The mind boggles.
    (that's Boggles 2.0, which is compatable with WinDoze Seven)


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