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A friend sent me today's article in The Mail about the steep rise in human male infertility. (male and mail in one sentence - how awful is that!) I submitted and the newspaper published the following comment ...

'I read Paul Burgoyne's 2002 Mill Hill Lecture, 'The Rise in Human Infertility - tragedy or godsend?' . It's still there on-line. Dr Burgoyne concludes the latter and for incontrovertible reasons. It made a big impression on me. I'm not allowed under Rule 7 to advertise the novel I wrote as a result and published earlier this year.

By the way my second wife and I have six children and fourteen grandchildren between us. We would not be without any one of them. Objectivity is easier said than done especially on this most emotive of subjects. The root question is simple and has applied to many species in the past. Will Nature finish us before we finish Nature?

Of course it will - unless we wake up in a hurry and slow human reproduction for ourselves.

- Bryan Islip, Aultbea, Scotland, 10/5/2010

They published it. So now I'm allowed to plug my novel, Going with Gabriel

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  1. Brilliant comment, Bryan.

    It's amazing how this most vital of topics rarely gets into the news - the fact humanity is more likely to breed itself into disaster than destroy itself through pollution, global warming or war.


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