Real politics.

Politics! I've had enough of it to last me ...

The longer this pre-election charade goes on, the more Westminster seems to me to be a two hundred and fifty years old busted flush. Great for Great Britain yesterday but now well 'past its sell-by date', 'not fit for purpose', all those latter day truisms. Yes time, Mr Clegg, for change. Real change not the tweaking of the edges of a bankrupt system such as is proposed by you - and incidentally in a fractionally diluted form by both of your main rivals.

You came close to hitting the big button when you stood up to the bully boys of Whitehall in proposing an end to the scurrilous waste of a useless new Trident system. Do we not have enough nuclear weapons and expensive aircraft with which to deliver our bombs at will? So as to annihilate any and all those who threaten us, if we're ever craszy enough to want to do so. But why didn't you go that vital step further and say you would end our buggering about in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why didn't you say you would tear down the ridiculously expensive, incredibly inefficient house of the NHS and erect something in its place that would really work for us in terms other than the provision of safe jobs for £150,000 a year GPs and imported health workers? And why not just say that local education should be left to local people whose local offspring it serves? Why not come right out with it and say you will enjoin us with Europe, ending forever the 19th and 20th century pretensions that took the UK and its people into war after bloody, eviscerating war? After all, our rulers tell us we are now a multi-racial society (whatever she may be). Whether we like it or not.

Politics got us into this mess. Don't leave it to political guys with swastikas to force us into their own bloody way out of it. By a long way, the most powerful delivery by a politician that I have seen on TV of late was Paxman's last week exchanges with the BNP guy. Prejudice takes many forms. But I have news for Messrs Brown and Cameron, prejudice is nothing of which to be ashamed; it's just another word for belief, or for opinion, or for the word 'democracy' itself.

The final act of this present system of government should be to clear the decks for change; big change, real change. A total expulsion of the parasites from wherever who are living off the flesh, the blood and the bones of a once great people.

Mr Clegg (and Mr Salmond) for heaven's sake get on board! We need you.

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