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A 40 years old lady in Southend-on Sea made my day the other day. She calls herself Zephfire on the Goodreads website. I sent her one of my publicity giveaway review copies of Going with Gabriel and this is what she wrote about it...

'I won this book on Goodread's Giveaways and I am really so pleased that I did! being a privately published book I doubt it'll be readily available in the bookstores and that is in itself a crime!
This is such an unusual book, I expected it to be a sort of Tom Sawyer for grown-ups if you will, a collection of on road tales ..but I couldn't have been more wrong!
The story does indeed start out with an introduction to Gabriel's life on the road as a homeless and virtually penniless but talented musician and that was the only part of this book where I was even remotely right in my guesses! Not long into the book some of Gabriel's past begins to catch up with him and we find out that he was a scientist in the field of genetics. Now here's where I stop telling you any more about the plot because if I do, I can be sure not to do the book justice! Brian Islip makes some very astute observations on the nature of humans in general,religion vs creationists, the music industry and the problems of the planet. It is moving and thought provoking.. so thought provoking that it has taken me over a week to decide exactly how to word my review! (I'm rarely lost for words!) The book does poke you into some uncomfortable areas of thought, but that's not a bad thing at all! It makes you ask questions of yourself and of the world around you, it's ugly and violent in places and beautiful and nirvana like in others. It's not a book for the beach maybe, but a book for the quiet of a mid-winters night to be read by the warmth of the fire when you have time to appreciate it and all the questions it raises within it's pages.
I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a book that asks them for their opinion, but not one for younger readers as it does contain some sex, violence and swearing although none gratuitous and all perfectly in context with the vents that unfold.
Buy it and challenge yourself to answer it's questions, it is an extraordinary read'

My heartfelt thanks to the writer. 'Zephfire'. Quite apart from what it says about my book this is very high class stuff and should have been published by the Times Literary Supplement and/or The Sun!

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