All change

Here in the UK we've had a bit of a wake up call. I'm referring to the clouds of ash from Iceland's erupting volcano of course. Nature shaking an angry fist at those who presume to rule her world.

We had a son marooned on a North Sea oil platform, another son whose fishing holiday in Florida had to be aborted at the last moment and a local friend whose long awaited trip to Venice also had to be aborted.

On Monday I ventured out on a sales trip - stocking up the Wester-Ross shops with our cards, calendars (2011!) books and booklets, etc. I was able to get a good feedback on the way tourism has been affected. In short, it has been affected, big time. No more will folk jump on cheapie flights to nowhere special for no special reason without thinking about what happens if I can't fly back, wouldn't it be good to forego those carbon emissions in favour of a week in Margate (or Gairloch).

How long before 'normality' returns? Who can tell, but to me the signs are that, in common with 'The Economy' it never will. There surely can be no more normality in the sense of 1990 - 2008, when growth for its own sake was the suicidally accepted norm. We all know, now, that there are many kinds of growth, including that of the cancer variety.

Forecasting the future in terms of the ways we will live really is a waste of time. Much better to take each day as it comes. Forget your old ambitions. Today is that much less of a material world that yesterday it was. Thank God.

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