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In my little booklet, 'An Incomer's Views On Wester-Ross' ... etc, I wrote that sometimes the outsider looking in can see things more clearly than the insider looking out of his / her domain. This morning, as if to prove the point a fellow writer, Michelle Frost, previously unknown to me, sent her review of 'Going with Gabriel' to Amazon. This is it ...

'Going with Gabriel'... what would you choose?

There are no stereotype "good guys" and "bad guys" in this story, no clear black and white, only our flawed humanity mirrored in an equally complex lead character - Gabriel the wandering musician. Gabriel's survival may lie in staying invisible, but his magical musical talent makes that near impossible. As he weaves the people he meets into his songs, he tries to keep them from being woven into his heart, but is that possible? Gabriel seems to be hiding from his past, but is he actually trying to run away from his future... How long before the secrets he is running from finally catch up with him? Where is Gabriel really going and does he have any choice?

Gabriel's secret fears are not the stuff of fantasy, they are based on genuine concerns facing this planet as we sit here reading. That's what makes this book more than merely an enjoyable adventure story - the research that Bryan Islip has used to place his fiction upon a foundation of fact. Whether you agree with Gabriel's choices or are appalled by his decisions this book is bound to change the way you look at the world... and that, in my opinion, is the sign of a really good story.

Thought-provoking and provocative in its theme and theories, 'Going with Gabriel' is definitely worth reading.

I don't need to add, but I will anyway, that Michelle Frost has 'seen' the guts of my endeavour clear as a bell. (As a side issue; why, you have to wonder, is a bell seen clearly?)

Reviews of one's work, whatever that work may be, can of course be very ego-corrosive. This one is the opposite. Thoughtful, insightful, beautifully expressed. I only wish I could include it on the back cover of GwG. Maybe I will in fact pay for such a change.

GwG is featured on the 'Goodreads' web-site, where it has garnered 17 reviews to date. Five of the reviewers rated the novel as five star excellent, five as four star very good, three as three star OK, two as two star poor and one as one star awful.

Remember that schooldays English lesson; 'write an essay on myself as others see me subject'? Oh, the agonising! Oh, the pain of honesty!

p.s. I looked up Michelle Frost. For £7.99 you can buy a copy of her cross-genre 'First Light'. Looking forward to it.

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