'Orrible old politics

I've read biographies of most of the British poets, more than one biography of some of them. Right now, for instance, I'm currently well into my third helping of the life and works of Robert Burns. Fascinating stuff.

It seems that Rabbie and other poets have at least one thing in common with most of us common folk in that they generally loathed politics and despised their politicians of the day.

I'm told we in the UK have something called a general election in the offing. Every time I switch on the radio / TV one or the other so-called 'leader' is telling me that, should the opponents 'get in' all hell will be let loose. Apart from and far above all else I'll suffer serious injury to the pocket. Help! But the trouble with being 75 is that I've heard (and experienced) it all before and I can say with reasonable certainly that, whichever power seeker does find power, nothing will change except the faces.

For me, Westminster is a totally busted flush. Our form of Government is a very expensive anachronism. About fifty years past its sell-by date. Is it not about time we shut those iron bound doors, sacked the gents in fancy dress and created a form of government without all the flaws built up over the centuries? No, I'm not talking Moscow and no, I'm not even talking Brussels. Although the latter would in my view be preferable to the Westminster mob.

"But what's the better alternative?" some ask. Watch this space. Read Going with Gabriel.

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