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My new novel Going with Gabriel, out a month ago today, has now been reviewed 20 times on the web-site. It has an average rating of 3.65 although 6 of those reviewers rated it 4 (very good) and 6 others as a 5 (excellent). I must admit to some disappointment - until, on a whim, I looked at the ratings for the past seven Booker Prize winners.

Going backwards in time they rated at:- 3.91, 3.74, 2.98, 3.24, 3.35, 3.79, and 3.44. Furthermore I noted The Da Vinci Code's 3.56 rating, Hemingway's Nobel winner The Old Man And The Sea at 3.50 and Gabriel Marquez' (also a Nobel) Love in a Time of Cholera at 3.78.

Now I don't feel so dissapointed! Many of these famed literary creations had hundreds, some thousands of ratings, but there does seem a strange uniformity about such results, and my guess would be that their average rating would not have varied much after the first couple of dozens. Furthermore I think there's something of the Aussie 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' about it. e.g. man walks through poppy field, knocking off the head of any that stand above the rest.

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