Bigger issues than me this day

Do you accept that there are things you just have to accept, things about which you can do nothing? Of course you do, and for "you" read "we". You/we cannot alter the course or the temperature of the sun within the universe or dictate the compass course of an earthworm's tunnelling.

In fact the only things we can do something about in these time-flicker lives on earth of ours are facets of our own behaviour. That is, our own individual behaviour. We might on rare occasions influence, but neither you nor I can actually do anything about the behaviour of each other or of others. My telling you stuff like, "I want you to take up karate - because ... / give up alcohol - because ... / become a Hindu - because .../ read my book - because ..." are going to elicit responses from no-response (polite) to the unprintable (impolite). So it goes like this ...

* I can definitely behave (or believe) as I myself want to behave (or believe).

* I can try, for whatever reason, to influence others to behave (or believe) as I would like them to behave (or believe).

* I can do nothing about the mega trillions of 'things beyond'.

Our species is the only one (so far as we know) with the actual power to alter its own behaviour for its own good and / or the good of other species and/or the planet it inhabits. But the power is weak and such alterations do not happen or happen with excruciating, even fatal slowness.

There are too many of us and each of us wants (and many of us already have) more than this place can deliver in total. We all know this - or we should if we've been listening.

What or who is going to turn we human lemmings from the death-cliffs of extinction? And how? Knowing is one thing. We all know. Doing is another, and no-one knows what to do - yet.

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