Another brick out of the wall?

I came across The Optimum Population Trust whilst researching my novel Going with Gabriel. It seemed to me that the objectives of this body were both positive and realisable. In personal conversations, in the odd oblique public reference and in reviews of GwG it is apparent to me that the vast najority of us do actually sense the problem and do actually want to bring the subject of human population growth out into the open. And as I understand it, this is the first objective of the OPT.

In my lifetime I have seen many social ills, previously excluded from the conversation of polite society, brought out and put under the glare of the media then properly dealt with. In my youth I could not have imagined that such commonplace human behaviour as smoking cigarettes, drink driving, paedophilia, racism etc would be exposed for the ills that they were and are, then openly discussed and dealt with by social custom and its democratic backup which is the Law of the land.

None such legislation could have happened without that initial breaking of a media taboo which, as I say, is the first objective of the OPT in regards to by far the most serious social problem of all - that of the explosive growth of our numbers on planet Earth. The National Medical Research Council's Paul Burgoyne, Ph.D,F.Med.Sci wrote, having read my novel, "it is ironic that today China is being pilloried for rapidly increasing CO2 emissions that contribute to Global Warming, but their enforcement over several decades of a one child policy has been tackling the root cause. Steps such as energy conservation, although essential, are temporary fixes. I earnestly hope that this book goes some way to undermining the taboo that prevents public discussion of socially acceptable ways to limit our numbers before the fiction of ‘Going with Gabriel’ becomes a reality."

By the way, he also said that my novel was 'a really good read'! But it was Paul Burgoyne’s Mill Hill lecture, The rise in human infertility - tragedy or godsend? which I read on-line in 2002 and that helped crystallise the thinking behind the storyline. It is still worth a look.

Anyway I joined the Optimum Population Trust and hope this little blog is another brick in that wall - or out of it! Yes, let's discuss. Sure, I don't know what the answer is or answers are or even whether there are any answers other than the cataclysm. But I do know that better (and younger) brains than mine must at some point very soon search and find those answer/s. I do have grandchildren. Fourteen of them. All of them loved and lovely.

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