And now for something different.

I am thinking of doing something a bit different with this blog.

I've made a start on writing my third novel, provisionally entitled, 'Rose Feather'. What I have in mind is to post each chapter here as it is finished - that is, as finished as the first flush of a chapter can be finished even though it will be changed and edited time and time again along the way according to the developing storyline.

Bearing in mind that I do not at this point know any more than you about where this young lady and her father are ultimately going to take me / us, what think you? Any interest? To put some early flesh on the bones Rose is in her early twenties. Her father is a UK domiciled white American, a dissolute, now fading snooker star. His estranged wide, Rose' mother, is a black lady of Carribean origin. Rose has a natural talent for her father's game and is determined to challenge the top males on the green baize. Everything else in her life, including the natural sex drive of an attractive young lady has been sublimated to that ambition.

At first, for Rose it's now all about expense money and opportunity. And yes, if you read More Deaths Than One you will remember the fairly peripheral Ms Feather. And yes, at some point Thomas Thornton again hoves into sight.

Food for interest? Food for thought?

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  1. Hi Bryan

    I really like the idea about posting each chapter here and i will be able to gets tips to improve my writing lol

    i will post a link from my blog to it

    peace and light my friend

    Mel still reading your book i will post a review when she finishes it


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