Who's it for? Why?

'I've been thinking about writing a novel,' she said. 'I've got it all in my head.'

'Then just get on with it,' I said. 'Willy Nelson isn't the only one wondering about how time goes slip-sliding away! What kind of a novel?'

'Oh, one like that Dan Brown one,' she said. 'You know - spiritual, strong story?'

'Difficult. There's only one Da Vinci Code. Thank the good lord some might say.'

'I know.' She sounded annoyed.

'Who's going to read it? You have to think about your reader.'

'What was it, thirty million people bought Da Vinci? I'll bet twenty five millions of them hadn't bought a novel before that in years. They're the ones.'


Later I thought about what she'd said. Was she right? If so Mr Brown had done a J K Rowling because most of her readers hadn't been in the novel reading habit before the young magician hoved over their horizon, either.

The theme's the thing?

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