Too many people?

It was Paul Burgoyne’s Mill Hill lecture, The rise in human infertility - tragedy or godsend? which I read on-line in 2002 and that helped crystallise the thinking behind the storyline of my novel. It is still worth a look …

Paul Burgoyne, Ph.D,F.Med.Sci is an MRC/National Institute of Medical Research Group Leader working in London on the link between sex chromosome anomalies and infertility. Extracts of his comment on Going with Gabriel are published on the back cover. This, in full, is what he wrote:

I enjoyed Going with Gabriel, which is a thoroughly good read but also carries a serious message - it provides a ‘wake up call’ as to the consequences of man’s failure to adequately control human population growth. I first became convinced of the urgency of the problem as a PHD student some 40 years ago, when I heard Professor Aubrey Manning give a Workers Educational Association sponsored lecture on the consequences of unchecked human population growth. It is ironic that today China is being pilloried for rapidly increasing CO2 emissions that contribute to Global Warming, but their enforcement over several decades of a one child policy has been tackling the root cause. Steps such as energy conservation, although essential, are temporary fixes. I earnestly hope that this book goes some way to undermining the taboo that prevents public discussion of socially acceptable ways to limit our numbers before the fiction of ‘Going with Gabriel’ becomes a reality.

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