Getting going with Gabriel

Yesterday the Market in Gairloch Community Hall was the venue for the first 'official' exposure of Going with Gabriel. I signed and sold a few copies. Very few, but I calculated that if the session had been exposed to the whole population of the UK instead of the thousand or so of Gairloch my novel would aleady be a number one UK best seller! Great. It continues to receive high ratings on the Goodreads site but now I have to begin marketing the thing in earnest.

Publicity, think I; but how to get it? Well, I could do something newsworthy - maybe run naked across Murrayfield during the forthcoming Scotland / England rugby match? Maybe not.

Seriously the trouble is that promoting a novel by an 'unknown' isn't like ditto with a tract of pop music or a jar of Marmite. The latter two are flash impulse buys, listened to or consumed in moments then gone away. If you don't like them you won't repeat the buy and vice versa. But a novel commits you to a significant slice of your busy busy life and how do you know if it'll be worth it?

Answer. Word of mouth. But how to get enough people to read it, to talk about it (should they find it worth talking about), and so begin that fabled viral marketing spiral that we all hear about? Answers on a postcard. Please.


  1. Hi Bryan

    just popping byr to wish you all the best with the new book

    i have put a link to it at my blog

    and i have just done a wee post

    hope it helps to get the word out there

    peace and light from the wee tin can in the mountaiins

  2. Hi Brian
    I found you via Andy... so it worked with at leasy one. ;-)

    First CONGRATS on the book and Ross-shire review. I published a book last January and am facing similar problems. I have ninged, pinged, twittered and am on way too many places (including Goodreads - please feel free to add me as a friend and spread your book a little further!)

    I'm still trying to figure out how anyone manages to self advertise. It is overwhelming at times. I am impressed with your signing though. I haven't done anything like that.

    Best good luck wishes from Morayshire. :-)

  3. Here's something I tried. Not sure it helped any, but it was fun. :-) I made a mini "movie trailer" for my book and put it up on YouTube.

    Being such a different media it might just bring in a few new people/readers.

  4. Hi Bryan

    well finally made it down the road today and got my mail

    many many thanks for the book ,Mel my wife has grabbed it and is in the bus tucking into it so hope to get a read soon

    i have put your book now on 3 other blogs

    my 2959 blog
    solitude of hermits
    360 dvd

    hope this helps

    ps seen my friend Michelle has made her way here

    peace and light my friend and all the very best

    the man in a tin can (loved the signature in the book)


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