Footsteps in the night

Once before we've looked out of the bedroom window here in our new home on to a snow covered garden cross-crossed with the night tracks of animals.

Last night it happened again. (The snow and the tracks, that is.) This time there could be no mistaking the creator of those footsteps in the dark. A large stag, for sure, and looking for something to eat. The national and local news has of late picked up on the dire straits into which the red deer herds of the Highlands have fallen due to this most severe of winters.

We've heard many reports locally of gardens being sililarly 'raided', and some folk have begun feeding these beautiful but now all too often emaciated animals. There are some very opposing views about this support action. Should we try to help or, realising the impossibility of any realistic benefit from our efforts plus the likely dangers to the deer of them becoming part-domesticated, let nature take its course?

To feed or not to feed? Watch this space ...

The photo is this morning's view as per above. You can just see some of the night prowler's tracks.

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