Catching up

Well, the dust has settled and the ice has melted (at least for now) and we're safely back on line in our new abode. Time to take stock, regroup.

In a couple of months' time looms our first craft market. We've decided what we'll be offering. Summarised: a 2011 calendar; 24 selected pastels and poems in the form of both our square 'luxury' cards and mini-cards and postcards and the medium size print (all 34 will be on offer on-line, and made to special order.) Plus the 12 wildlife bookmarks and of course my two novels and the Wester-Ross booklet. But it's a pretty long stride between that and having everything ready to go. Much work.

Meantime I'm doing everything I can think of to give Going with Gabriel a fair send-off. I've sent out more than a hundred and fifty 'review copies' between a (mostly unresponsive) media and the 'Goodreads' public who have requested it. Feedback has been excellent, give or take any reservations about the novel's 'new world'aspect. Best review so far in the Ross-shire Journal. Also about a hundred individual e-mails sent to folk who bought - or might have bought - my first novel, More Deaths Than One. Saturday coming, first signing planned at Gairloch's Valentine Market ... I know, no-one said it would be easy.

Oh, and I'm finishing a painting that I started in our previous - Badachro Bay. Then I have a commissioned painting to finish by month end.

Better get on with it.

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