If you're into books you really should not miss the Goodreads website. This has developed into a massively important rendezvous for readers of novels.

There is a section on Goodreads in which authors of soon to be published or recently published novels can offer copies of their work for free - as a way of spreading the word / perhaps even igniting the legendary viral burn. On 1st January I placed an offer of twenty 'review copies' of my Going with Gabriel on the site. The offer finishes 15th January. Thus far 480 people, each one with on-site profile, have asked for a copy. Some will read and review on-site, I hope positively.

This wonderful world of digitalia! E-books, self-publishing, print on demand, viral marketing: welcome to the new world of books. Finally creativity in all its forms is able to break free - in the case of books, from the cold embrace of traditional publishing. This is the note that will go to the lucky twenty, as selected by the Goodreads algorythm

January 16th 2010



Here’s your review copy of Going with Gabriel. I’m hoping you’ll find it Goodreading - literally (and literarily).

The finished version of this novel is for publication 11 February.

For me, the primary job of a novelist is to provide the reader with a new element of personal satisfaction. But apart from this some novels ask an important question. As does this, some will think.

Whatever, when you’ve read it I would be most interested in your views not necessarily on the theme but on Going with Gabriel simply as a work of literary imagination.

In the meantime, thank you for being interested.

Bryan Islip

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