Catching up

Last entry 10th December. Just a few things since then ... headlines only!
*Train from Inverness to Cambridge for family get together and tour down memory lane (I lived there 1956-59 - town not gown!)We so enjoyed this. Cambridge really is some city.
*Train from Cambridge to Kings Lynn for another family pre-Christmas get together. Walked the wide open beach in North Norfolk. Great.
*Kings Lynn to York for one more all our yesterdays with old friends. Walked the four miles of York's ancient walls, looked into the awesome Minster, joined the shopping throng down Whipma-Whopma Gate and The Shambles (what wonderful place names!)
*York to Inverness for overnight then 50kph for a hundred and twenty klix across the hill in blizzard conditions, rescuing an old lady who'd dropped her car off the road en route. Her poor dog had panicked, run off into the snowy wilderness but he came back, though clearly much disturbed. Her car a write off.
*Unable to do much more by way of house removal (we should be in the new place five klix down the road by mid January) because of icy / snowbanked roads from then until now. (And tomorrow?)
*Relaxed Christmas, less relaxed Hogmanay, great party on New Year's Day.
*Since then just fighting the elements really. I lost, they won! I slipped on the ice, injuring my back quite badly - well, very painfilly anyway. But getting better every day and in the meantime have experienced both extremes of living in a remotre location. No chance of getting to see any medic v tremendous help from local friends in moving what remains of our stuff. The latter much, much more important than the former.

Still the snow lies deep and very crisp if not very even. Dee's doing the move by herself. What a lady to have in any emergency. I won't tell you what she called me for injuring myself (as if I'd done it on purpose but she insists she warned me about that particular stretch of icy treachery) but her ministrations to yours truly and to the removal ops - beyond excellent.

So. I'm back on the Blogger, hard on with book promo - Going with Gabriel publication date 11 Feb - and designing with Dee our 2010 Pictures and Poems portfolio.

Watch these spaces!

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  1. Woww! That photo is lovely Brian. I wish Paul & I had managed to get to the west coast to see all that snow.
    All the best for your new book.

    Give my best wishes to Dee too & hope to see you both again soon.

    Mikki (from the little blue tent).


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