Nuts and CDs

Remember that squirrel on Springwatch? The one who couldn't find the nut he'd buried, leaving it to take root and grow into a mighty oak?

Today is a CERTAIN PERSON'S birthday. Having received repeated hints, weeks and weeks ago I bought a Paolo Nutini CD from Amazon and tucked it away in readiness for today. Guess what - I cannot find where the merry hell I hid it! PANIC. Nothing underneath all the socks, ditto shirts, ditto etcetera etcetera. I even remembered the Edgar Allan Poe story I read fifty years ago called 'The Purloined Letter' in which the whole house was searched for that letter in all its secret places top to bottom but without success. Where had he hidden it? On the mantelpiece with all the other mail. Ah, yes, let me look through the pile of office DVDs CD's, thought I. Nothing. Bugger...

I'm standing by for a broadside but, fortunately for me, I have bought something else that ought to dull the disappointment a bit.

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