Markets and divers

And so to Poolewe, there to set up our Pictures and Poems stand for the last time in 2009. I'm to sign pre-publication review copies of my Going with Gabriel on the stand.

As I write it's still black as black outside and there's a strange pitter patter on the window panes but it doesn't seem to be too cold. Look on the bright side, Bryan. Hordes of eager market goers will descend on Poolewe Village Hall from every direction except west (they'd need boats for that). They'll all be imbued with the Christmas spirit, wearing Santa hats and with pockets a jingle jangle.

Last evening we watched a superb TV program following a season on the uninhabited side of giant, beautiful, freshwater Loch Maree. Incredible wildlife sequences. Loved in particular the blackthroated diver chicks flrst bumbling attempts at diving to feed themselves, then soon after their first take-offs and head over heels landings on the water. The narrator explained why everything was so important to everything else - rain, midges et al. Wonderful stuff!

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