Good times here and now

The Poolewe market on Saturday turned out well for Pictures and Poems. Lots of calendars and cards sold, and a few prints, and a good number of signed pre-publication review copies of Going with Gabriel . Also some 'second edition' More Deaths Than One. All in all a satisfactory end of term for us.

Over and above the commercial though, it was good to meet so many of our local friends at this market. Same as last week's Ledgowan Hotel event in fact, but of course with a much greater fall of foot in the Poolewe / Gairloch / Aultbea catchment area.

I can't recall if I mentioned it before this, but we are to move house on January 8th. As our new home (for the record: Kirkhill House, Aultbea, Ross-shire, IV22 2HU - same telephione 01445 731322) is just 3 miles down the road and is unoccupied we are able to move our goods and chattels a car load at a time, leaving the heavy stuff for the kind attention of a friend with a trailer 'on the day'. Muscle man Jim Curry has also come up trumps for us. I was just saying to Dee that although we are probably no less and no more social-minded than most folk, we know twenty times the number of people here than we did after thirteen years of living in the village of Headbourne Worthy, near lovely old Winchester. I know I do go on a bit about the joys of Wester-Ross. Although this region may not be Utopia I would guess it comes as close to being so on this, the earth-bound side of the pearly gates.

Our new home, which is a stone built, late 19th century manse (church) house, will give us greater opportunities on the micro business front and leave much room to spare for cat swinging purposes. All being well we will be there at least for the next five years. After that? Who knows? How do any of us know where we will be in five years time? I for one would not want to know. You cannot live tomorrow or yesterday, just this day. All the more reason to love everything there is to love about your life this day, right?

On Friday we head south by train for Cambridge then on lots more trains north for Norfolk then York then home. A good time to meet with good friends and loved ones.

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