Markets and books

Today at the Ledgowan Hotel, Achnasheen, is the penultimate market of our 2009 season. The Poolewe Christmas market on Saturday next is the final one. I'll try to remember to take some photos today and post one or two here tomorrow.

Anyway, it's a good time to think about our markets this year. Without doing all the figures our general impression is that there have been a lot more visitors but with each visitor spending on average a lot less money. All in all we're probably a little ahead of 2008. However we've had to work harder for such a result, especially on the new product front because creative individuality is everything in a market as picky as 2009 one has proven to be.

That to one side, today I have my first signing session featuring pre-publication review copies of Going with Gabriel. I shall also have the second edition of More Deaths Than One to the fore; also An Incomer's Views On Wester-Ross. Let nobody think that a book signing is easy peasy for an author. It is not. An author can work for years to clear the woodland, build a bonfire but he / she cannot light it. That is for interested third parties with matches. I'll let you know how was the conflagration or the ...

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