Looking Backward

A recent Times editorial, wondering whether we are already into a change of human society rather than some kind of a deep financial recession made reference to a novel published in 1897. I bought it on Amazon and am now half way through Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. This is one of the most intriguing reads I've come across.

Basically the narrator falls into a mesmeric sleep in a secure place, waking up 103 years later - in fact in the year 2000. So here is Bellamy's sense of how life in Boston would be a hundred years after he wrote the novel. As I say, I am but half way through and I'll save my full review until 'The End' but suffice to say that if you can take the somewhat archaic language and style and wonder what life today really could have been like - read it for yourself. It's worth it!

And why did I buy this book? Because it resonates with my own Going with Gabriel. Totally different prognoses but similar in spirit, I think. Can't wait to get into the next chapter.

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