Good reading

You know how it is when you have this dream of walking into a great house and you look around the hall in awe, deciding which of its many doors to open? And having opened quite a few, even entering and spending time in some, you finally find yourself in a room of such breathtakingly rampant splendour, offering such a huge personal welcome as to make you realise the true worth, to you, of the whole of the great house itself?

No? neither me until a few days ago. For great house read internet and for all those doors read web sites; and for that splendid room - read 'Goodreads'.

For anyone with half an interest in books Goodreads is - or will surely become - a as pleasurable, as confortable as an old armchair. For anyone who writes books this site is, in my opinion, quite simply an essential tool with which to reach out and engage with those who read them.

I'm offering Goodreaders in the USA half a dozen of each, More Deaths Than One and Going with Gabriel. I hope the lucky recipients (58 wanted a copy of GwG within a day of its apearing on site) will offer a review. Yes, it's easy to give stuff away but I want people to read what I write and to tell others should they like what they read. And, more than this, I know that those who walk through the Goodreads door will more than likely be my friends.

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