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The reviews of Going with Gabriel are beginning to come in. Verbal as well as written and from individuals as well as from media. I'm pleased, not say relieved to report that thus far all have been positive and none have professed any of the great surprise or revulsion I had half expected. For as Dorothy Malone, editor of the Gairloch and District Times says (review below to be published in the next edition) "Bryan is dealing with a controversial subject which makes us question our own standpoint". Yes, and I for one think that is no bad thing.

Ms Malone writes: 'A short prologue sets the scene, introducing the main character, Gabriel, and tempting us, the readers, to continue, to find out more. And Bryan Islip doesn’t keep us waiting. We become as puzzled as Lucy when we begin to hear Gabriel’s story for he is certainly an enigma. We are given glimpses of his past life and how his present persona as a talented musician appears a facade. And still the story races on. Soon we understand that as a scientist Gabriel and other like-minded colleagues are concerned with the overpopulation of the planet and with how human greed is intent on destroying life on earth.
The book is written in the present tense which gives it a sense of immediacy and urgency. Ladybird’s Messengers hold the key to the overpopulation problem but is it for good or evil? Why is Gabriel constantly on the move? Why do others die? This is a labyrinthine book which impels us to read on.
Bryan is dealing with a controversial subject which makes us question our own standpoint. Whether we agree with Gabriel or whether we are shocked Going with Gabriel pulls no punches and makes us confront a worst case scenario, indeed a scenario which changes before our eyes...'

Thank you, Dorothy.

In case you're wondering I have met the lady only on occasion, in passing, as one is bound to meet almost everybody in passing if you live in this area. That's half the beauty of living here, (the other half? Looking out of your window). So her review is as objective as all media reviews should be but are not always.

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