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Do you believe in omens?

Yesterday we set off in the 06.30 darkness in order to set up our stall at the Beauly Craft Market as organised by Isabel ('Exclusively Highlands') Stewart. At this time of the year you need to drive with great circumspection across the hills. Many hinds and exhausted stags have come down from the high rutting places in order to lick up their beloved road saltings. So difficult to pick them out, their colouration a perfect match in the headlights with all the roadside tangle. Going slowly round a bend my coffee cup tipped over, spilling its contents all over the car and Dee's handbag etc. So she decided to go round the bend all by herself. Window open, my best empty coffee mug consigned to the roadside vegetation.

Was that an omen? The market proved to be a real dud for us and, we suspect, for most of the others. The stalls were at least as high quality as any market in which we have participated, but there were so few visitors and those who did come into Pripps Hall had hands firmly thrust into pockets. This seems to be becoming a disturbing pattern: More and better sellers; less in number and more frugal buyers! Do you think we could be in a recession? This year Pictures and Poems has done OK, but we've had to work that much harder than previous years, and the trend since August has been, as I say, noticably downhill. It's really lovely, though, to hear that the banks are getting a further thirty five thousand million one pound notes from us all, via our deluded / demented government. Of course they have to have this in order to pay themselves suffiient millions of bonuses 'in order to keep / attract the talent'. Which is about the biggest cartload of bxxxxxx you'll ever hear. Any fool can gamble with other people's money then keep the profits or put hands out for more if they lose!

ps: we're going back to look for that fine china mug of mine. Good quality should survive a 40mph soft landing in bracken!

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