La Herradura and Robert Burns

Bit of a hiatus on the old blogging front. Reason: here's a few images of our holiday in La Herradura (Costa Tropicale, Spain)There's the Old Man And The Sea, that's me. There's Stu and Rudi with beautiful sea bass (I taught them all they know about fishing. Well, some of what they know. Well a lttle of what they know). There's the view of Stu and Lorraine's apartment at sunrise and - believe it or not - the very next day when a gale of wind and rain set in, just as quickly disappearing. BIG waves then MIRROR calm. There's Rudi's wife, Nina and little Kealan and Dee in sun worship mode and - oh, you get the picture(s)

Now we've extricated ourselves from holidays and apres holiday mountains of things to get done life has settled down to a more normal 77 miles per hour. Best news for me: The Chairman of our Wester-Ross Burns Club has invited me to deliver the 'Toast to the Lassies' at the forthcoming Burms Supper. It's quite a big event locally and I - as a Scotsman and a Highlander by adoption rather than birthright - feel deeply honoured. Not to say pleased. Once upon a time in the long long ago I was regarded as something of an authority on the Lassies, believe it or not. But now its just 'lassie', singular. And am still trying to work her out.

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