The Art of Critique

Just occasionally you get a present that's free, generous, unsolicited, uplifting.

Earlier this year, through a visitor to our stall at the Poolewe Market, I was introduced to Michelle Miller Allen, writer of the novels, Journey From the Keep of Bones and Hunger in the First Person Singular: Stories of Desire and Power. Click into one of her blogs sites, her 'salon', the one called A Bear Named Hope. This lady does good work.

Michelle recently sent me a review of my own (first) novel, More Deaths Than One. When I next change its covers I shall incorporate the following extract; with thanks for your present, Michelle...

"At first glance Islip’s novel may seem to be purely a male-oriented adventure thriller but there is much more to it than that. Rather than taking the world of espionage, drug dealing, politics and warfare and using it as a platform for an adventure hero to thrash his way through dangerous scenarios…Islip has crafted a believable hero, Thomas Thornton, whose genetics have thrown him into the life of a soldier of fortune. Closing the pages of this book, one feels not only thoroughly entertained (during some passages I found myself in a white knuckle grip of the book cover!) but with a sense of having been educated about aspects and parts of the world most readers probably will never experience firsthand. … this book is not just adventure but it is good literature – well crafted in the classic sense, fast paced yet lyrical. The characters are entirely believable, their foibles and strengths are in good balance Although a book about aspects of war, it is a book that has the potential to increase understanding across borders."

Michelle Miller Allen
Author, USA

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