Good times and not so good

I Met Dee at Inverness Airport on Monday. We stayed overnight in the city because we wanted to see the newly released film, The Soloist. Altogether an evening to remember. Dinner at our favourite Spanish restaurant (getting into practice for our holiday down on the Costa del something in a fortnight's time) then the movie, which really was excellent, then the Crown Courts hotel - brilliant in all respects including value and the fact that we could comfortably walk to anywhere in the city, including the Eden Court cinema, from there.

One of the reasons I wanted to see The Soloist was that it featured an LA street musician - a similar viewpoint, in other words, to that of my lead character in Going with Gabriel. As I said, the film was very good if 'dark' by most standards. The street life of a genius schizophrenic could hardly be all sweetness and light. It was based on a real person and managed to avoid the miracle cure / instant fame / great fame and riches denouement of most that issues from Hollywood. Highly recommended.

Schitzophrenia is a surprisingly common and invariably life changing disorder that crosses all races, both sexes, all ages although mostly evidencing itself early on in a person's life. I happen to know quite a bit about it for one of my sons is thus afflicted, meaning that I needed to engage in dialogue with many psychiatrists when he was younger. It is a wicked illness. I need hardly add that there is no cure, just a variety of depressant drugs which the schitzophrenic never likes to take.

I would not like to have been a doctor, whether of body or of mind. So many questions, so many clues, so many guessed at answers, so few real answers. Mankind's attempts to play God were ever thus.

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