The First Review

... well, the first proper review as distinct from comments by the very few people who read Going with Gabriel in manuscript. Thanks, Tootie. Below the review is my reply to her...


Another exciting book from Bryan. Takes a bit of time to get into the first bit (put aside a couple of hours to start reading the book) but once you get into it you can’t put it down. Gabriel the main character is a scientist who has dropped out of society and is a wandering minstrel whose past comes back to haunt him. All very innocent at first and then overnight he and his friend Sony become music celebrities. This make you question the need/greed for the human race to ‘own’ people in the public eye. There are 2 issues running side by side in this book and some very clever twists and turns along the way. Often what you think is going to be an outcome is something completely different. I particularly enjoyed the west coast connection which got across the warm welcome you receive but the protection you also get if required from small communities. Very cleverly written and keeps you guessing to the end of the book. Another great read. Can’t wait for book 3.

I replied ...

You should get yourself on to one of the mainstream publishers' read panels (these consist of folk who get paid to read / select / reject / critique novel submissions). I couldn't fault - and certainly wouldn't grumble about - any of your comments. Particularly loved the way you picked up on the dual theme thing, although I realise I'm swimming upstream on both of them.

Great balance to your commentary. Not too little and not too much of the story but the real flavour. Re Facebook, be sure to say that this novel will not be available on general sale (Amazon, Waterstones etc) until publication date 11 February 2010. Meantime it is available from me. Just e-mail me, I'll post off the 'review' copy, recipient then sends me a cheque or Paypal address for £7.99 plus £2.00 part p&p.

Novel three? First a compendium of my short stories, then that as yet misty novel number three. Have in mind to bring together strands from one and two ...

Is this a sales blog? Sure it is!

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  1. Hi readers of this blog - and Bryan!
    Like Tooty I've been lucky enough to get my mits on a preview copy.
    I totally agree with the review above - the first half of the book pulls you into a scenario which leaves you nodding and agreeing with the stance the 'hero' has taken, then it hits you between the eyes with such a controversial subject, which will make you think about what we are doing to this world of ours... it's a great story but with a message for us all to consider. You may not agree with the 'solution' provided, but it will, I promise, make you think... well done Bryan!
    THIS too would make an excellent Hollywood blockbuster...all we have to do is agree who'll play Gabriel...
    Good luck with sales, and watch out Dan Brown!


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