Blow winds

"Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!rage! blow! / You cataracts and hurricanes, spout / Till you have drenched our steeples, drown'd the cocks ' ... Yes, more King Lear than Mellon Charles this morning. My photo doesn't capture the wildness of the weather since last evening. You have to hear the rise and fall, the whine and howl of it, the drum rolls of hard rain across the window panes. A day to look out over the raging, grey-white sea and be glad you're not out on it.

Pity the poor old ewes, all of them still as statues with characteristic tails to wind whilst waiting out the storm, grass processing operations suspended until then.

Me, I'm resolved to stay indoors today, get on with my 'Ruin on the Fain' painting. With Dee away it's a lonely old place but I have the radio for company and she's back on Monday. Must remember to dash round with the Dyson, etc. Might even load the washing machine. Anyway I think the painting is coming out OK but until it's finished you never can tell ... wouldn't be the first week's work I've trashed because for one reason or another it's not 'right'.

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