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Yesterday I went on a bit (according to Dee) on the difficult art of blurbing (that is, creating the back cover text for a novel). So here's what I ended up with for the second edition of More Deaths Than One.

Thomas Thornton has settled down to expatriated family life in Saudi Arabia. He is wrongfully caught up in shariah law on drugs dealing charges but finds himself deeply implicated in a far more universal situation. Injustice is a bitter pill - potentially a fatal one where your landing card is headlined in red italics: 'Death For Drugs Dealers'. Even with a past life as explosive as that of Thomas Thornton's, what odds against a future for himself, his family; what of his love for Arabia?

Does it excite interest without giving away more than a glimpse of the story? Will it inspire a picker up of the book to proceed directly to W H Smith's checkout counter? Time will tell...

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