Those things that move you

There's an author's note at the beginning of my second novel, the soon to be 'advance' printed Going with Gabriel (official publication date Feb 2010.) In it I tell of the most important influences in my own late emerging determination to write and to get into print. My personal 'most intense influences' ...

Professor Logan Pearsall-Smith
author in 1933 of On Reading Shakespeare who showed me through his own style and that of his subject why the choice and arrangement of words can be worth more than the story; more, in fact, than anything.

Doctor Rachel Carson
author in 1962 of Silent Spring who taught me that the story is often of greater importance than the words for the wellbeing of this self-destructive species called Mankind.

Mister Ernest Hemingway,
author in 1940 of For Whom The Bell Tolls, whose words and whose story combined to demonstrate, to me anyway, that fiction, perhaps more than anything else can fly straight and true enough to reach the human soul,wherever she may live.

Of course there are always a huge miscellany of influences that shape the ways in which each of us uses his or her own inherited talents throughout a lifetime. The foregoing are just the main ones that kindled my own writing fire.

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