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I forgot to add one of the reddest happenings on our red letter day, Thursday last. Two hundred and fifty copies of Going with Gabriel were waiting for us when we got home. Thus I had come to the end - or at least the end of the beginning - of an exercise that started in 1986 whilst sitting with Dee in the Bluebird Cafe at Lee-on-Solent over a cup of before-work coffee. We were comparing notes on the world at large and families in particular and that was when the basic ideas for Gabriel emerged, blinking, into the sunlight. "One day I'm going to write this as a novel," I said. "Yes," she said, deadpan; "Lovely day, isn't it?"

Most of these 250 copies will go out as free of charge to genuine newspaper or other media reviewers but some we will sell direct at £7.99 plus £2.50 p&p (where applicable), to those who bought my debut work, More Deaths Than One

So here's the forepart of the Press Release, the object of which is to inspire the reviewers to look at my book ahead of or at the same time as publication date: 11 February 2010.


Are there just too many of us? Are we wanting, grabbing or trying to grab more in total than our planet has to give? My second novel, Going with Gabriel says yes, we are, and dares to agree that these most acute of problems threaten all forms of life on earth, ours especially. But according to Gabriel the answers are known and the solution is already underway.

‘Dr Gabriel Nicolson is trying to escape from the frightening reality of his own bio-scientific discovery by disappearing into what is for him a new world - the world of music and the street. Having left behind his past life he can keep moving with his friend Sonny Ojitsu but can he preserve his precious anonymity along the open road? Not if a celebrity hungry media has anything to do with it; definitely not if they should get to hear the merest whisper of his abandoned science. Going with Gabriel is a powerful story about an exceptional talent and a man’s conscience, and about freedom and the lack of it and about love and no love and about celebrity and anonymity. It is a truly thought-provoking literary adventure.’

If you would like to buy a copy just e-mail me and send me a cheque when you receive the book. It will be signed by me. (The book, not your cheque!).

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  1. So excited - got my copy on Saturday + 2 for friends who are equally delighted. Started reading it already but have to work which is a bit of an inconvenience. Will write my review once I have finished it. One nephew has already booked it for the next to read it. Toot


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