Monday, Monday

Oh, didn't it rain, children!

On and on, day after day this August / September. Not that I mind. The farmers need it, dont' they? We're all made waterproof, aren't we? Etcetera. But it's still lovely old Wester-Ross. Just a different kind of beauty.

In a minute the two of us will be on the road again. This time first stop Beauly (70 miles) then Falls of Shin (50 miles) then Ullapool (50 miles) then home (50 miles). Let's hope someone wants to buy something but if not so what (apart from lots of carbons released to atmosphere)?

This is for us the most uplifting terrain in the world and the most uplifting of the four seasons. Hardly any traffic whatsoever and there's a fair chance of a golden eagle sighting and the near certainty of red kites and the total certainty of red deer. Of course we (the red deer that is!) are now deep into the rut. Up on the hill bellowing out challenges are the stags, being gathered into harems by and for the pleasure of the victors, are the hinds. Enjoy it, red deer. Soon will come the men with guns. No, I'm not anti bloodsports. To me, all life is a blood sport with only one ending.

Enough of that. Let's get into our Monday, Monday. It's not our fault that we're alive but it would be our fault if we didn't enjoy the fact.

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