Hard life for a Cockerel

I've mentioned the flock of maybe forty or so hens that spread themselves out over the fields of the next door croft. But this is not so much about them as about their husband. Singular. We are of course well used to his lustful nature but the behaviour of this proud speckled he-bird often leaves our visitors aghast. Especially those of a feminist disposition. Most affect not to notice as he performs his cockerel duties with every sign of enthusiasm, hurrying from one to the other of his many wives. Often these ladies will leg it at top speed when they see him coming (more ways than one), but the rascal inevitably catches them and then its heigh-ho, away we go, much fluttering and flapping and squawking til the job is done. At other times a lady(?) will come preening herself up to him, clearly looking for something other than his close up admiration. And this she will get. Not just sometimes but always. Ain't nature just wonderful!

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