Decisions, decisions

Small business : Big decisions ... can we justify a new line on top of all our Pictures and Poems Prints, Minicards, Minicard 6-packs, Luxury Cards, Booklet, Calendar, Bookmarks et al? Never mind my novel Going with Gabriel, proof copy at long last on its way here right now, and More Deaths Than One, tidied up second edition half way completed and to be published by that same Pictures and Poems.

New line? Christmas Cards, Wester-Ross style. Four of my paintings (Achnasheen - above, Loch Ewe Winter's Dawn, Across Isle Ewe in Wintertime and Plockton in Wintertime - YES WE CAN! We'll risk having 250 of each printed. If all else fails theyll do us for the next ten Christmases, but maybe we'll make a pound or two, who knows? Of course this market is an especially difficult one because of the deluge of cheap, cheap 'Charity' cards. Why worry about that. Pricing? Packaging? those are the tricky issues that have to come next... apres la decision

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  1. What a glorious painting! I am so dense... I never noticed the card you sent me with the book was your work till I picked it up off the shelf to dust on Friday and actually read the small print.

    "DUH" moment. :-P


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