I've been quiet on the blogging front for some time. But at last my second novel Going with Gabriel is off to the printers. I expect to receive a proof copy next week. The above is the 316 page novel's cover. I'm now toying with ideas for what happens next.

Of course I shall buy in and send out for (hopeful) media review and for local sales starting October even though the book has an 'official publication date' as far ahead as February 2010. This is because the media, if it is to review the book at all, needs that much time and will not touch anything after it is 'in the shops'. It is being published, (self-published is a horribly down-grading word, don't you think? In spite of the litany of great writers who have historically taken that pathway,) by our company Pictures and Poems. PandP put out my non-fiction booklet 'On Wester-Ross' in 2007 so is accepted as an, at least partially fledged Publisher.

I now plan to revise and re-issue More Deaths Than One as a second edition under our own label. YouWriteOn.com has proven woefully impossible to deal with for reasons too diverse to go into here. I'm simply not prepared to let it die on the vine for lack of the large helpings of TLC needed by any first novel.

I'm toying with the idea of serialising Going with Gabriel on this blog. To give the work its best chance, and because it has twin themes of pretty universal interest, this may be the best route into the viral marketing which alone will do it full justice.

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