Red letters and black.

Yesterday was a bit of a red letter day. Two original pastels sold, one existing and the other on commission and so is yet to be painted. There are two ways in to where we live, and only two unless you fancy a fifty mile stroll across the lonely hills (mountains, more accurately). Our client wanted the winter landscape up at Achnasheen, which is on the heights of the southern inroad and which features as December on our 2010 calendar. And the picture to be will feature the mighty - and mighty dangerous - An Teallach, which towers over the northern way in.

I'm really looking forward to working with pastels again. I haven't touched then since February, in fact since my right hand began to seize up. We shall see... But on that subject, at long last I have an appointment - yes, yet another one - to see the specialist at Raigmore hospital in Inverness, Friday coming. After all these tests and distant appointments with gentlemen bearing multi letters behind their names I am not holding my breath. Whatever, I shall get on with it as must we all in the face of any adversity. The head honcho some while back indicated I could be in for a hammer and chisel job on my eighth vertabrae. Hope not!

On top of the painting I'm all jacked up and ready to go with novel number two. Slight technical hitch with the program necessary for the uploading of digital files to the printer company but am hoping for help with this from my friends in the hills tomorrow. I fancy my own homespun attempts to follow Adobe's trouble shoot may have shaken to the core my whole PC system. Again, we shall see and we shall prevail.

Meantime it's all happening on the Pictures and Poems (cards, prints calendars etc) front. Dee is never out of the factory AKA downstairs hallway and dining room table these days. Her reward shall surely be in heaven.

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