Simple pleasures

Early this morning we walked across the sheep field down to the beach. We scrambled across weedy rocks as the tide receded, found our place to sit and drink coffee. Pictured above is the top of Loch Ewe Cottage as seen from down there. We watched little fishes, bigger fishes, and crabs sidling along on the bottom, through twelve feet of gin clear water. A breeding colony of arctic terns is just along from here. AKA 'sea swallows' and how aptly nicknamed. They fleet along, jinking, climbing, swerving, stone-falling in a flurry of wings and water as they seek the end of some small sand eel venturing too close to the surface. All of this pantheon of life and death within a stone's throw of us. A colony of herring gulls and another of black headed gulls on Isle Ewe call across a kilometre of the loch, competing with each other to celebrate this, another perfect morning.

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