Fun Day was Sun Day

The Highland Hospice will have well benefitted from our village Fun Day. We were very lucky. Today is Sunday and it's raining that soft, high volume, windless Summer rain, low level monotone grey skies promising plenty more. But yesterday was perfect in every respect. Wall to wall blue, small breeze to deter from taking to the air any skin prick ambitions by blood hungry midges, dry turf underfoot. Bruce's music (voice, guitar and two accordions) was a great mix of ancient and modern. The Aultbea ladies performed their line dances right nobly, moving about in near perfect uniformity. Hamburgers tasted as good as they smelled, etc etc. Oh, and we (well, more Dee than we) sold a gratifying number of Pictures and Poems calendars, cards, prints etc.

Actually our Pics and Poems day had begun with a true comedy of errors. We were presented with a gazebo in a bag which, emptied out on the grass, looked like a multi-poled puzzle with no sign of an instruction sheet. Very soon we had ten or so expert helpers, each of whom contributed his (there were no hers) mostly contradictory opinions. Much linking and de-linking of poles and corner pieces before we realised we were looking at a completely different shape to the one we had in mind. More frantic assembly, disassembly and I for one was ready to give up when someone said to take everything apart, lay out the various sizes of poles in separate family groups, do some radical thinking. We had our huge gazebo up and tables properly laid out only half an hour late. Time for a beer.

As I said, a great Aultbea Fun Day. Most people there were those we knew and who knew us but there was also a good sprinkling of holiday visitors. These included a very nice German man with his Japanese wife. They had read my ON WESTER-ROSS booklet and were obviously - almost embarassingly - taken by it. Much photographing of me with him and her, signing of booklets etc. Then along came a German lady with her son. She turned out to be an executive for a major German book publisher. She took away with her a copy of my More Deaths Than One ... you never can tell, can you?

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