A Fun Day and a Sad Day

Fun Day in Aultbea! It happens every year but this year the fun is tinged with sadness. Johnny was the octagenarian head of a prominent local family.Yes, we still do have prominent local families here in Wester-Ross. Johnny died this week.

Our thoughts are with Annie and all the other Wisemans. When we first arrived here, having taken the deep breath and flitted the seven hundred miles north from Winchester, one thing we missed was our Sunday newspaper. No shops locally were and are open for business on Sundays in the same way that you wouldn't create a work noise - strimming, hammering etc, nor would you hang out your washing on a Sunday. The Sabbath is still a day of rest and if that's the ethos here, no problem, we'll observe it. (If immigrants in the industrial midlands of England were to follow suit it would be no bad thing, would it?) Anyway our newspaper on Sundays was available late morning in the bar of the Aultbea Hotel where, invariably, family Wiseman and friends would be ensconced with Johnny 'in the chair'. If we had wondered how we English would be received by the locals into this remote community we needn't have worried. Johnny and Co made us feel welcome and in short order.

Aultbea Fun Day is what it says on the tin. There's games, especially the raft race and the tugs of war, events such as the young and not so young ladies' line dancing and the Coastie (Coast Guard) helicopter; there's the skirl of the pipes and rock music and craft stalls - this year including our own Pictures and Poems one, beer and hamburgers etc etc. You get the picture. A reminder that there is no ying without a yang, no action without a reaction, no life without death. Rest in Peace, Johnny Wiseman.

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