This is a cunning plan to get myself a Beatles Number One CD! That's the prize for winning a Beatles themed short story competition on You can help me to win if you want / if, of course, you like the thing.

All you have to do is click on , go to Beatles competition, find amongst the entries one called The Making of Marion by someone called Bryan Islip. You can read it on line or download it then add your comment and click 'add to my favourites'. Please. I'll even undertake to let you have a listen if I win. Bribery? Of course. This story links in with real life in ways I might explain later.

Yesterday I was called at 24 hours notice to go to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for checks on my errant right hand/arm. Good progress - for the first time since the 23 Feb onset, I'm pleased to report. Tomorrow I'm off to shops in Kyle and all points south on Pictures and Poems business. Friday another 200 miler to Beauly and Ullapool areas. With Dee of course. All good fun but not a lot of time for blogging. Never mind. The sun shines on us and today, just as we set off for our beach walk, there's a bit of a breeze. Just enough to keep our tiny friends (the battalions of midges) cowering in their grassy, heathery retreats. Shame.

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