We were in the kitchen this morning when we heard a rat-tat, knock-knock-knock. Nobody at the back door but somebody at the dining room window! Do you know just how large seems a herring gull when it's perched on your window sill? This one required food, as befits the race of gulls, but it's uncommon for one to show so little fear of we humans even when in pursuit of something to eat. Anyway he had his breakfast. Later in the morning he was back at the window for lunch. I shall call him Sorosh in honour of our dear departed, who was always a very greedy boy.

Neither of us said as much but I'm sure my more pragmatic wife wondered, as did I, whether ... ? (Especially as the lady swore she was kept awake last night by doggie sounds from downstairs!)

Whilst downloading the lambs to PC I came across some old digital pics in the camera, including the last one I took of Sorosh and Mati. See above.

Anyway, just now I took a photo of some lambs which I was going to e-mail to our lovelies in Spain, but on second thoughts and because Spain will probably see this blog, here is one of them.

Renewal ... who can tell whether it's real, and if so in what form.

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