Knowing what comes next

For each of us the road sometimes gets rough. Yet still we travel on as travel on we must, in the full and certain knowledge that one day our road must end. And then? Ah, the Great Question! Answerable through nothing other than belief; belief that is of necessity blind. It helps if you are able to pretend vision, if you then believe the answer is something - anything other than nothing.

Mati and Sorosh know the answer now. If, that is, there is an answer or if there is even a capacity to know after the road comes to its end.

But I like to think they run together in broad and sunlit pastures, patrol in deep content their bluebell carpetted woodlands, find safe refuge for their nights, rejoice in all the halcyon scents unguessable by we who remain, still walking day by day our stony ways. And I like to think they know us still, as we know them. And will, until ...

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