All things must change

Well, how do you feel about change, yourself?

Seems to me we, each of us, recognise the truth in 'all things must change'. You can't help it when you consider the like of the rolling seasons, of the truth in Wm Shakespeare's seven ages of man (there's never been any eighth), or when you look, as I am looking right now, at the Torridion mountains; some of the oldest rocks on earth and changing still. It's all just a matter of time lapse but change happens. Will always happen, and to all things.

Yes, we all know about change but that doesn't mean we must want it or like it as it happens to us or those and things around us. Most of the time we just don't want it or like it. Our dogs have lived their span and now have died. This has changed our lives - or rather, the way in which we live. My right hand is now partially disabled, very likely permanently, as the result of a seemingly untreatable trapped nerve. (Strange, after seventy four years, having to re-learn how to pick up a cup, turn a key in a lock, type this and/or my current fiction). More change; though much easier to deal with than the loss of Mati and Sorosh.

These though are mini changes in the order of things, but there are maxi changes going on right now to the ways and the world in which we live. For the first time in hundreds of years there's finally talk in high places of the need to change the ways in which we Brits govern ourselves. Or are governed, depending on your point of view. Welcome! London's Westminster could well be a busted flush, at least in the corrupted form it has adopted of latter years. Good! What on earth are we doing with hundreds of frankly average 'representatives of the people', most of whom are unknown to the people, who spend their time looking after themselves in the bars rather than the House of Commons, who have a zero effect on the way their electorate lives or in the way that the world is protected against their electorate's own worst depradations? In the age of the Internet surely we can make our individual views and pleas known - to each other as to those who would be our governors?

So there - that's my view anyway. Change? Don't be afraid. Deal with it! Could be good, will be fun.

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