Swansong for now.

I have just read a short story ( www.shortbreadstories.com ) called Swansong where it was rated highly. Strangely enough this blog will also be a swansong - my own, at least pro tem. Two reasons for this. Firstly our local market season gets underway next week and I will have to prioritise our Pictures and Poems business. Secondly I seem to have trapped a nerve somewhere in my right arm which is making it very difficult, not to say painful, to use a keyboard.

So for the time being I will just be entering posts on a now and then basis.

Of course, we are still doing all we can to market More Deaths than One plus my second novel Going with Gabe is due for publication in the summer. What with one thing and another life right now is pretty crowded so it's a case of 'See you soon'.

P.S. That same http://www.shortbreadstories.com is telling me that my latest entry Willie's Place is highly thought of and will be on line any minute if you are interested. Who knows Fiona might even feature it as one of her selected audio stories?

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