A pair of Hungarian Vizslas

Mati ('Hookside Mati': out of Hookside Braid, by Valley Hunter Special Envoy)

Sorosh ('Hookside Sorosh': out of Pitypang Entri, by Vadaszfai Zseller)

They joined us, Sorosh soon after Mati, in the summer of ninety four.

They left us, together as always, at three fifteen in the afternoon of Monday 20th April 2009.

When they left they took something of us with them, in exchange leaving something of themselves in each of us. As it should be and as it always was, for is this thing called memory not the greatest gift of Man and yet the hardest one of all to bear?

In time, in verse and other words no doubt I shall express something of my thoughts of Mati and Sorosh and of the times Dee and I were able to share with them. Good times. But for now it is enough to say that we loved them very much.

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